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More than half of all Americans suffer from some form of pain and many are unaware that physical therapists are well-equipped to not only treat their pain, but also it's source. Whether your pain is a recent occurrence or chronic; whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, have developed a medical condition, or you just can't be as active as you want to be, physical therapy can benefit you. In many cases, it will often eliminate the need for medications and their side effects or a painful and expensive surgery! In almost all cases, it will save you in recovery time, lost time at work or from enjoying your lifestyle, and in money spent on your health care.



                                                Why Health Success is a Great Choice!


Health Success is a privately owned and operated rehabilitation facility, which allows us to concentrate on your care and to provide you with a friendly and caring atmosphere. All of our patients are evaluated and treated in private rooms and exercise takes place in either our open, well-equipped fitness area or in our specialized mat room. All of our therapeutic treatments are carefully tailored to yor individual needs and goals, and designed to significantly improve your mobility to perform your daily activities and to teach you how to manage your condition so you can achieve long-term health benefits.


We are the oldest locally owned Medicare certified outpatient rehabilitation agency in the Augusta area and have served the CSRA since 1990. We accept most insurances including Tricare. We proudly serve and care for our service members and veterans! Our location has convenient walk-up parking and handicapped van accessible parking for the ease of our seniors and injured patients. Our waiting room has virtually no wait time!


Health Success, Inc.

Why Physical Therapy is a Good Choice!
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